Connaught Timber Products produce NuLife playground wood fibre to the BS:EN 1177:2018 British and European standard. It has been tested at 300mm and achieved a Critical Fall Height greater than 3m. (Certificate available with all orders).

The wood fibre surfacing is manufactured using 100% seasoned, recycled softwood fibres that knit together to form a stable, long-lasting surface, giving excellent absorption against impact. It’s an ideal all-weather surface, which provides excellent drainage so that children can start playing almost as soon as it stops raining. Playground surfacing is a fundamental element of playground safety and as the preferred choice of many local authorities and county councils, NuLife Playground Wood Fibre Surfacing is clearly a leader in this field.

NuLife Playground Surfacing

Recommended Installation Method.

There are two basic installation options available.

  • Above Ground Level Pit – This is the cheapest and most popular option as it requires no excavation. The area is marked out with pressure-treated wood to the required depth and we recommend the use of a geotextile membrane all of which are available from Connaught Timber Products. Chips are laid to the required depth.

  • Below Ground Level Pit – Area marked out with pressure-treated wood and soil is excavated to the required depth. The area is covered with a geotextile membrane before adding chips.

Maintenance of NuLife Playground Wood Fibre Surfacing is simple, requiring raking over the surface and occasional topping up.


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